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the Point

Karminia Vermouth

Vermouth di Torino
Rosso Superiore Biologico


A new kind of vermouth, different from others, Not only suitable as aperitive or cocktail’s ingredient, but also great as digestive after dinner and stunning with desserts.

Abv: 20 %
Botanicals: 37
Production time: 70 / 80 days
Cold FIltration
Taste: Long, Strong and Intense

On the palate It immediately begins with the sweet note and characteristics of Barbera d'Asti DOCG. Cherry, red fruits and a citrus note. Following the spices : Nutmeg, Pepper, Chocolate. The bitter note finally arrives pleasantly and last long in the mouth

To serve straight or on the rocks with an orange zest. Perfect with tonic or Grapefruit tonic as long drink. Great on all cocktails which requires sweet red vermouth. Absolutely stunning as after dinner and digestive with dark chocolate.

Biologico Organic

Karminia glass - Picture by Fabienne Vigna Fotografia Emotiva